LIFE CARE Tapsafe - 4oz

Safe water on Tap

Instantly turns toxic tap water into the water of life

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The best bits...

Makes tap water safe

Creates a healthy aquarium

Key features

• Makes tap water safe for fish
• Instant
• Activates your filter
• Contains protective 'Aloe Vera'

Product overview

Fish love water, but not the stuff you get from the faucet. The water we use contains lots of chemicals, and minerals that make it safe for us to drink, but these same chemicals are posionous to fish and will irrate their delicate skin and gills. To make sure the water you use is safe for your fish treat the faucet water with Tapsafe.

Tapsafe instantly protects your fish in 5 ways:
1. Neutralises Chlorine
2. Breaks down Chloramines
3. Locks up toxic metals
4. Adds Aloe Vera which protects and heals delicate skin and gills
5. Boosts good bacteria to keep the aquarium healthy and clean
Use whenever you add tap water to your aquarium:
• Setting up a new aquarium
• Water changes
• Evaporation top up
• When adding new fish to your aquarium